We provide an array of catalogues to assist in correct selection to your requirement. In addition to our Austral E-Catalogue, there are several manufacturers catalogues we can provide for your assistance. Below are some examples of catalogues available, with other manufacturers details available upon request.

Austral E-Catalogue
Incorporates a comprehensive listing of our products, manufacturers references, product specifications and digital images. An integral ordering system allows the user to produce and print/email your orders directly.

The most comprehensive gasket catalogue, including references for European, American and Asiatic models. Full listings for Gaskets, Gasket components, Cylinder Head Bolt sets, Hydraulic lifters, and Camshafts.

ACL Gaskets & Bearings
Detailed listings for Gasket sets and Gasket components. The Bearings catalogue contains shaft size data for correct bearing selection. PDF catalogues are also available on the ACL website.

Mahle Pistons & Ring Sets
OEM quality Pistons and Ring sets, produced in Australia for a wide array of applications.

Additional catalogues available*: ARCO, CROW Cams, Grant Rings, G-Torque (THG), NDC Bearings, NPR Rings, NULINE, Perfect Circle, Powerbond, Romac, Rollmaster, Sun Belts, Teikin Pistons, TOPLINE, WASP Suspension.

* Subject to current stock availability